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Easy Data-loading with LINQ-to-SQL and LINQ-to-XML

.Net 3.5 had some nice tricks in it. LINQ-to-XML was one of them. With the new "X"-types, you can make working with XML really easy. VB.Net 9 takes it one step further, and lets you write XML in your code without strings. "Hey Rich, that’s old news," I hear you say. "And who’s interested in [...]

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Silverlight 2 Poster Available

You’re not a real Silverlight developer until you have the poster stuck up on your wall. Apparently these were hot at Mix. Thanks to Brad Abrams for posting it.

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Design Guidelines for LINQ

Have you wondered if and when you should use the new LINQ features in .Net 3.5? Like, where should I put a new extension method? Should I use Func<T> or a custom delegate? How do I best implement a mix-in (extension methods on an interface)? Well, Mircea Trofin has just published a new draft of [...]

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Read Word Documents in a Web Browser

I love this! Not because of the features, but because of the way it works. Tim Sneath just blogged about TextGlow – an online Word docx file reader. The docx format is XML, and Silverlight 2 apps can use LINQ-to-XML to parse it and format it for display inside the browser. Amazing! You can read [...]

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Mix 08 WPF Scheduling Application

Mix 08 seems to be much more mature than ever before. In previous years there were a lot of ideas being spoken about; this year there are much more implementations of those ideas available to look at. It seems like a lot of people have been working on the new technologies over the past year [...]

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Silverlight for Nokia Phones

BBC News has just released an article referring to a deal made between Microsoft and Nokia to put Silverlight on mobile phones. Yet another reason to get polishing those WPF skills.

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Mix 08 Online Presentations

My favorite conference is about to start: MIX 08. It’s a great conference for Microsoft developers with an interest in the web. Last year they had some great talks about user experience and architecture. There’s always something interesting to learn. Unfortunately I can’t be there (as usual), but all the sessions will be online. Tim [...]

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While surfing around tonight, I came across, a database of useful Extension Methods for C# 3.0 and VB 9. I thought it might be useful, so I added a few of my own extension methods. IComparable<T>.LessThan int.Times int.To There aren’t many there yet, but there are one or two on there from Scott Guthrie. [...]

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I just read a fantastic quote about LINQ from the book Pro LINQ: Language Integrated Query in C# 2008 by Joseph C. Rattz, Jr.: I prefer to think of LINQ as a data iteration engine, but perhaps Microsoft didn’t want a technology named DIE. I think they already built the technology for such a product, [...]

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Remove and Sort Those Ugly “using-Statements”

Visual Studio 2008 has lots of goodies in it, like LINQ syntax, CSS editing, and testing tools. There’s a lesser-known feature which I really appreciate though – the “Remove and Sort Usings” command in the C# editor. You activate the command by placing your cursor over the using statements and clicking on the right mouse-button.

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